Lean your assembly line 

Maximise touch time and speed up the flow

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Lean 5S

Configure mobile workspace to maximise touch time

Tool locator

Manage who took what when

IoT managed inventory

Track all materials located in the workcell

AI driven replenish-ment

Ensure 99,99% material availability on hand

Integrate with ERP

Make Tool Space app a part of your ERP

Lean 5S workcell

Adjustable construction enables engineers to quickly reconfigure workcells to address model changes or to implement continuous improvement ideas. Fewer moves and steps means less fatigue and an improved worker experience that improves employee health and productivity.

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Digital tool locator

The barcode label provides a unique identifying number for each tool, while QR codes work as location identifiers.
Create or connect barcodes with tools while QR codes with locations in the cell.
 Check-in/out items using a scanner. 
Track tools across multiple locations.

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IoT-enabled real time inventory management

Weighing sensors replace humans in monitoring inventory levels of all consumables. By letting the IoT-enabled piece-counting scale count for you, human errors are avoided, and handling speed in operations is significantly improved. The scales within the cell translates the measured weight into a quantity using the per part piece weight. The app retrieves real time actual number of parts in the location

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AI driven replenishment

Automate inventory ordering to ensure items are readily available on hand.
Stock levels are based on dynamic buffer stock levels that are much more agile and responsive to changing demand patterns than conventional min-max methodology.
AI algorithms monitor the combined impact of both the supply flowing in and the demand flowing out of the stocking location in a cell, and trigger replenishment accordingly

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Configure to specific needs

Made in the USA

Tool Space products not only are designed specifically for American manufacturers but also domestically manufactured in the USA.

One-day delivery

We produce to stock and ship immediately right from the warehouse.  


All our products are packed so to fit on a pallet. This guarantees the most cost effective shipping across US.

Build like Lego

No special skills nor special tools are required to assemble or reconfigure any Tool Space product. Once arrived, items are usually assembled by the equipment users themselves. 

Tool brand agnostic

Be it DeWalt, Stanley or Milwaukee, or a mix of those - all hand tools will fit to your configuration.

10 year limited warranty

That’s how confident we are in our products and how strongly we feel about keeping our customers happy.